The Pandemic Impact Fund will make first investments in 2020. The following are companies that the Pandemic Impact Fund Managing Partners have worked with or invested in via previous funds. These are pandemic impact companies that have both high potential investor return and significant pandemic impact. These companies thrive in “normal” times, and have exceptional opportunities to detect, mitigate and respond to pandemics when and if they should occur.

When a vaccine is available for a pandemic virus, time is of the essense in getting it out to millions of people. PharmaJet’s patented needle-free injection system for vaccines delivers innoculations with half the vaccine and in half the time.
Tele-health platform CirrusMD saw a 1000% increase in use during the Covid-19 pandemic with clients such as Kaiser Permanente. This platform keeps patients out of the ER by providing on-line diagnostics and care in 90% of cases. The CirrusMD platform differs form other telehealth platforms because it allows one doctor to care for up to ten patients at one time.
As COVID-19 consumes our attention, this pandemic exemplifies the concepts CereMetrix is harnessing today. Their up-and-coming product, illumeai, is powered by graphs: data that is represented by objects and their relationships. With COVID-19, perhaps the easiest way to think about this is in terms of its spread. CereMetrix is an intelligent surveillance platform that identifies sources and trends in virus spread in pandemic. CereMetrix has many non-pandemic applications such as identifying patterns in brain scans to diagnose complex brain function issues.
With respirators in short supply, Respirogen™ Lipid Oxygen Microbubble (OMB) technology provides novel oxygen to the body, addressing systemic hypoxia in lung injured patients. Hypoxia (low oxygen saturation) can quickly lead to organ damage or death. Respirogen OMB technology will provide oxygen in lung compromised patients in the ICU, emergency resuscitation and transport, in premature infants with lung disorders, and other clinical situations where lung injury causes hypoxia.
Silvernest is an economic resilience platform that connects 50+ age people who either have excess housing capacity and are in need of companionship and monthly cash flow, or those who find themselves homeless, and in need of stable and affordable housing options, living with those in their own age range.
Sopris Health is an AI driven platform that reduces doctor’s time significantly during the documentation and follow-up treatment phases of care. These can contribute to doctor burnout and inefficiency.


The Food Corridor is an on-line platform connecting restaurants, food companies, and entrepreneurs to available commercial kitchens that are underutilized. Bringing revenue to churches, schools and institutions while providing clean, certified commercial kitchens to entrepreneurs. Think Air B&B for Kitchens. Perfect for reducing costs when on-premise restaurants can’t be open for business.
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