We think PandemicTech can save Lives and Livelihoods. But what is “PandemicTech”?  Just like FinTech, AdTech, EdTech, FemTech, InsureTech, AgTech, CleanTech, BioTech and other “techs”, PandemicTech is technology that tackles pandemic challenges.  PandemicTech is actually quite broad  going well beyond healthcare and personal protective equipment (PPE). 

Pandemic Impact Fund

The obvious applications of technologies towards pandemics are in the biotech industry, especially those who are developing new tests, vaccines or palliative care. But the impacts of pandemics go far beyond the disease itself.  Pandemics impact our lives in many more ways that range from how we work, how we shop, how we travel, how we pay for things, and much, much more.  

This pandemic has revealed many weaknesses in how society, healthcare, and commerce work. Our manufacturing and supply chains are fragile and have been pushed to the breaking point as anyone looking to buy toilet paper in the first few months can attest. Our food safety and supply chains have been strained, and horrific working conditions that ultimately impact everyone’s health have been revealed. Until recently, the availability of testing has proven to be elusive with results often taking long periods of time during which the infection can spread. Even now, we know so little about how the Covid-19 virus evolved and how it spread.  We lack the surveillance technologies or integrated healthcare information systems needed to pinpoint epidemic outbreaks at the start, before they become pandemics.

PandemicTech comprises all of these areas of technology that address not only vaccine development but all of the serious impacts to our lives that result from pandemics. 

There are four major challenges that PandemicTech can address.

“Know Faster”, focusing on detection, surveillance, and tracking of pandemics at their start. 

“Fix it Faster”, investing in technologies to mitigate pandemics such as AI-based drug development platforms, vaccine delivery systems, and telehealth.  

“Make Work, Work” to address challenges of working environments during a pandemic and alleviating the economic devastation of complete shutdowns.  We’re focusing on everything from teleworking and continuous health monitoring in the workplace to education technologies to accelerate learning in and out of schools. 

“Do Better Next Time”, preparing for the next pandemic by investing in technologies to improve our infrastructure, supply chain, food delivery, and public and private communication systems.

Once we start thinking about PandemicTech in this broader context, the importance of investing in innovation in these areas becomes an obvious priority.  

The world is a decade behind in preparing for and responding to pandemics, and we cannot rely solely on governments to provide the innovation that is needed across all of these sectors to relieve the stress on our health, economy and society that pandemics bring.  

Capital is needed to invest in the innovative technologies that will be the game-changers in tomorrow’s economy.  The pandemic has slowed down many areas of the economy and has led to massive unemployment and economic distress.  At the same time, it has brought opportunity to accelerate trends in innovation that may have taken many years or decades to accomplish.  We have a unique opportunity now to back these companies and mitigate the impacts of this pandemic, as well as future pandemics which may be just around the corner. 

The Pandemic Impact Fund is a $100 Million Venture Capital Fund with a mission to support innovation in mitigating the full spectrum of negative impacts that pandemics can bring on..  For more information regarding how to invest and become a Limited Partner in the Fund, or be considered for the portfolio, please visit www.pandemicimpactfund.com.

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