Donor Advised Fund


The Pandemic Impact Fund is excited to offer a leveraged, philanthropic option to investors through a Donor Advised Fund (DAF).  By donating part or all of your designated contribution to our DAF, which invests in the Fund, donors can double or triple their charitable contributions over time. Ultimately, both principle and profits are donated to designated causes.

immediate Tax Benefits

To leverage a Donor Advised Fund, an  investor provides a tax deductible contribution to the DAF. This may be set up in their name, through a foundation, or fund (including another DAF).  This contribution is similar to donating to a non-profit since it will not provide a return like an impact investment would. However, it allows the donor to plan and grow the funding base that they will have for their future giving.

Example Donation

Should you decide to give $100,000 to your alma mater, you could donate $100,000, and the university would benefit.  Alternatively, you could invest $35-40,000 into an impact DAF. The funds portfolio companies would provide positive impact while returning $100,000 over time, which can be used to benefit your alma mater. This provides leverage for giving, and it allows donors to set aside capital for future charitable contributions — much like a personal Foundation but without the minimum annual donation requirement.