Investment Thesis & Unifying Themes

investment thesis, unifying themes, investment framework

Our investment thesis is simple. The world is decades behind in pandemic preparedness. We aim to fix that.

As early-stage, tech investors we look for U.S. based companies with defensible and scalable software, hardware, and deep tech solutions. In assessing these opportunities, we first look to our unifying investment themes.

Unifying Investment Themes

Pandemic Solutions

We invest in companies tackling BIG problems with significant ROI potential with or without a pandemic.

Customer Focus

We seek customer focused technology solutions and business models that are novel and defensible.

Deep & Broad Impact

Through our portfolio companies, our goal is to touch many lives in meaningful ways.

Amazing teams

We love working with amazing, coachable founders with phenomenal teams who love what they do.

Investing in Scalable Solutions

The Fund typically invests in three types of companies within its investment framework:

In-market, successful startups with pandemic relevant offerings who are ready to scale their business and impact

In-market and successful startups focused on a different application who could easily adapt and scale their offerings to address pandemic challenges

Startups with defensible, scalable and somewhat validated solutions that can get to market faster with a small investment

Investment Thesis – What We’re Not

Not a Relief Fund

The Fund is not a “relief” fund. We don’t provide funding to distressed communities. In line with our investment thesis, we like companies that have truly innovative, differentiated, and defensible offerings. We look for huge market potential and the ability to deliver upper quartile returns. Visit our Portfolio page to view example companies.

Not Just Healthcare

The Pandemic Impact Fund invests well beyond healthcare.  We seek opportunities that help:

  • find pandemics faster such as surveillance, testing, GIS and population health
  • fix it faster such as drug development platforms, medical devices for drug delivery, and telemedicine
  • make work, work or life work for that matter, such as disinfection technologies, remote collaboration tools, teleconnection, robotics, cybersecurity, and EDtech
  • do better next time such as supply chain, process and manufacturing resilience, communication, and food security.

Opportunities abound!

Want to learn more. Reach out to one of us (our contact info is in our profiles), or contact us through this site.